Thursday, 30 January 2014

Carbon Fee and Dividend to be Debated in Canada's House of Commons tonight

Canadian Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, will be delivering a speech in support of a Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal being championed by Citizens Climate Lobby Canada, to impose a carbon tax and refund the proceeds to Canadian households in lump sum payments. MP Hyer, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting last November, is not just a committed environmentalist, but is economically literate, a rarity for MPs and members of Congress. Hyer was the sponsor of Bill C-311, The Climate Change Accountability Act, the only bill in Canadian history to have passed the House of Commons and be quashed in the Senate without discussion, a stain on the normally Democratic and law-abiding Canada. His speech, along with reaction, will be broadcast at 6:45 pm Eastern time, can be followed at

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