Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Party Before Country: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Kills Moderate Republicans ... Because It Can (or thinks it can)

If you're a Democrat, and you blame the Republican Party for hyperpartisanship, maybe you should look a little closer to home. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is partly to blame -- probably exactly half. The DCCC has been targeting Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) for all kinds of fabricated charges. Why? Because the DCCC thinks Florida's 26th district is a swing district, and they think they can win it.

But what a pyrrhic victory would it be, to wipe out one of the last of the remaining members of that most endangered species, the moderate Republican. Congressman Carlos Curbelo is an environmental hero. Curbelo was one of the eleven co-sponsors of the Gibson Resolution, the nonbinding but meaningful statement by House Republicans that climate change is really a problem, and needs addressing. It is perhaps an unfortunate thing that it takes political courage for a Republican to "come out" on climate change, but that doesn't make it less courageous. Curbelo came out early, as this Scientific American article points out.

These are precisely the kind of craven, Machiavellian shenanigans that have corrupted Washington. This is why Republicans are drawn to ignorant knaves like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. I would personally give Bernie Sanders more credit, but he draws upon the same, angry, anti-Washington sentiment that is also gaining ground in the Democratic party. The Party comes before your country.

Support, and vote for Curbelo if you live in Florida 26th. And call the office of Steve Israel, the chair of the DCCC, at 631-777-7391 or in DC at 202-225-3335, and let him know he is a schmuck.

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